SAURION Reseller is an exclusive platform with the possibility of immediate marketability.

The prescriber is the key person in the promotion of the new mobile commerce channels and is responsible for guiding the customer and also to start-up the service.

1. Plan Flexibility

The dealer of SAURION Reseller benefits from a special price. Contact us to find out your particular conditions.

2. Reseller Benefits

The dealer manages all the business that SAURION Mobile Commerce provides.

- new customer access
- statistics checking
- billing checking
- tailored technical service

3. Brand Customization

SAURION Reseller provides you with the ability to customize the service with your company name or brand. The customers will see your company as the final service provider. Your brand will be associated with professional service and quality.

SAURION understands that the image of any company reinforces day by day based on the quality of products and services that are sold, therefore to have thepossibility of these alliances is fundamental. Our partner will be able to customize SAURION Reseller to offer the same quality, application level, resources and support that we give to our customers.

4. Our contract conditions guarantees and outlines the commitment of SAURION Reseller.

SAURION is committed to provide the maintenance and the technical level reached by its own service. In that sense, establishes the following conditions:

- SAURION will resolve any issue that may affect the proper functioning of the service.
- The installed software on the server and the source code of the platform is property of SAURION Mobile Commerce.

For more information about RESELLING contracts, please contact our Operations Director Pablo -

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