How does it work?

SAURION Mobile Commerce is a web application that allows you to show your offers and recommendations about your shop or business. The users will be able to view them through their mobile phones then take immediate advantages.

Get more sales thanks to SAURION Mobile Commerce!

¿Por donde se empieza

Where do I start?

In only 3 minutes you will be able to join our site and create your first offer. Register now

¿Mis clientes cuando verán mis ofertas?

How will my clients see my offers?

We provide you with a QR code that you will be able to place in visible places where your possible client will be able to see them. When the users scan the code with their mobile phones, they will automatically have access to your offers and promotions.

¿Qué es un código QR?

What is a QR code?

A QR code is an image that can be scanned through a code reader on a mobile phone and will give you information or redirect you to a website.

¿Cuanto pago por este servicio?

How much do I pay for this service?


Más visitas, más ventas

More visitors, more sales

With this system you will have a more attractive shop window that is able to interact with the clients through their mobile phones, this will make more people know the advantages that you are offering to potential clients, increasing the number of visits that you receive therefore helping you to sell more.

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Explanatory Document

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